Ford EcoSport Amenities: B&O Sound System & USB Charging Ports

Compact SUVs have become popular because they give you the benefits of a truck and a car, such as height and cargo space, while being roomy and fuel efficient. The Ford EcoSport offers all this and more, so let's take a look at two of its most impressive amenities.

B&O Sound System

The B&O (Bang & Olufsen) Sound System was designed specifically for the EcoSport and is a re-imagining of the last 90 years of audio. Crafted with natural materials into a distinctive design with high-quality sound, this 10-speaker system gives passengers an experience like no other.

USB Charging Ports

Charging your devices isn't something you have to worry about when it comes to the Ford EcoSport, as three fast-charging USB outlets are provided, two up front in the console and one in the back.

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