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Whether you're from Camdenton, Mountain Grove or Waynesville MO, if you're looking to get the most car for your money, buying used is a great way to go. Not only do pre-owned models cost less upfront, but they're also often cheaper to insure and register as well. Furthermore, a pre-owned car, truck, crossover or SUV will generally hold its value longer, because it has already experienced its biggest depreciation dip. Have you ever wanted to take ownership of a top trim level but were concerned about the higher price? A late-model pre-owned vehicle from Lindsay Ford Inc. could bring those extra amenities within reach.


Discover the Right Used Car for Your Commute in the Camdenton, Mountain Grove and Waynesville MO Areas

When you browse our used inventory, you will find high-quality used Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Escape and Edge models in excellent condition. The lower price of these used car, truck, crossover and SUV make it so that more vehicles are within your price range. With more options to choose from, you will have more opportunities to find a used vehicle that suits your travels around Lebanon MO. In addition to our used Ford models, you will also find a selection of other brands that are featured in our ever-changing used inventory.


Lindsay Ford Inc. Matches Your with the Right Used Car Every Time

Finding the right used car is about more than sticking to a budget. You want to make sure you're getting the right model and features for your needs. Using the filters on this page, you can narrow your search to only models that meet your criteria, whether you have a specific make, model, body style, or price in mind. When you've found the one you want, simply contact us for a test drive.